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Ph.D. scholarships:

Ph.D. Scholarship in collaboration with Dr. Grégory Danoun
Please contact us and apply online

Ph.D. Scholarship in collaboration with Prof. Kasper Pedersen (DTU), two years in Denmark, one year in France
Please contact us and apply online

Post-doc positions:

One position is coming soon (2022), stay tuned

Master and undergraduate students:

Master and undergraduate students are welcome to apply any time of the year !!In France a small salary (around 600 euros/month) is provided for any student that we will consider for joining the group.

Please send us a CV and a motivation letter with a research statement.
Possible research projets for master students:

- Carbon Monoxide Transformations by Low-Valent Lanthanide Complexes
- Synthesis and reactivity studies of Lanthanide-Iridium heterobimetallic complexes
- Linear Sandwich Complexes of Lanthanides: Synthesis and Applications in Magnetism
- Synthèse de composés hétérobimétalliques à base d’un ligand redox actif asymétrique