Organometallics for Sustainable Chemistry and Quantum Technologies

Nocton Research group

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We have several fruitful on-going collaborations and also recent ones that will be developed in the next few years!
We are always happy to discuss new opportunities - Only science matters!

Prof Andersen, a great mentor and dear friend, past away on June 16th of 2019. After two years of post-doc and 8 years of collaboration with him, we have many projects still going on... Science is strongest, these projects will be continuing in his honor.

Prof. Henry La Pierre, Georgia Tech, Atlanta, USA, Uranium and transuranic f-organometallics (ERC PhiBond)
Dr. Stefan Minasian, LBNL, USA, Quantum bits with actinides (France-Berkeley Funds)
Prof. Thomas Gianetti, University of Arizona, USA, Planar triangular ligands for quantum technologies (IEA CNRS)

Prof. Corinna Hess, Technische Universität München, Allemagne, Heterometallic complexes for small molecule activation (ERC LanAsCat)
Prof. Peter Roesky, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Allemagne, Chemistry of the Cyclopentadienyl ligand (ANR RelaxMax)
Prof. Kasper Pedersen, DTU, Danemark, Conducting assemblies with divalent lanthanides (Alliance)
Prof. Marc Walter, Technische Universität Braunschweig, Molecular materials for spin transitions

Prof. Olivier Cador, ISCR, Université de Rennes, CNRS France, Single-Molecules Magnets (ANR RelaxMax)
Dr. Boris Le Guennic, ISCR, Université de Rennes, CNRS France, Theoretical calculations on Single-Ion Magnets (ANR RelaxMax)
Dr. Olivier Maury, ENS Lyon, CNRS, France, Optical spectroscopy of lanthanides complexes (ANR ReDivaLan)
Prof. Laurent Maron, INSA Toulouse, France, Theoretical calculations for small molecules activation (ANR ReDivaLan, ERC PhiBond)
Dr. Carine Clavaguéra, Université Paris-Saclay, CNRS, France, Theoretical calculations – dynamics of lanthanides complexes (ANR ReDivaLan, ANR RelaxMax, ERC LanAsCat, ERC PhiBond)
Dr. Mohamed Mellah, Université Paris-Saclay, Samarium complexes for chiral catalysis (Labex CHARMMMAT)

Dr. Grégory Danoun, Ecole polytechnique, CNRS, France, Photocatalysis, wastes valorization (AID project, ERC PhiBond)
Dr. Thomas Simler, Ecole polytechnique, CNRS, France, Small molecules activation, CO2 captation